Judge David Lynn
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Lynn Motto: With Glory Comes Strength

The goal of this website is to aid descendants of Judge David Lynn to discover their ancestors and re-establish their connections with one another. It is our hope that this site will serve as a clearing house for sharing genealogy information and linking Lynn researchers and family members across the U.S.A.  With this in mind, we cordially invite you to browse through the pages of our site and we encourage your contributions of info and or photos, as well as any suggestions or comments that you might have.

Much of the information gathered for the Judge David Lynn Website was due to the careful diligence of South T Lynn's mother, Margaret Trimble Lynn. Margaret Lynn’s research and careful preservation of pictures and documents were passed on to her son, South who has graciously opened the door for many Lynn descendents to share in their marvelous and colorful history.


Acheson, Allan, Anderson, Appleby, Beall, Berger, Bierer, Birkhead, Bouey, Boggs, Bolding, Breeding, Brooke, Brown, Browne, Bruce, Burnett, Cable, Chew, Colloiday, Copeland, Copello, Crabb, Cresap, Cummins, Curts, Davis, Dean, Dosh, Edelyn, Edmonston, Edwards, Feeney, Galloway, Gibbons, Gribben, Hudnall, Jack, Jawish, Johns, Jones, Lackland, Lamar, MacCollum, Magruder, Marley, Meacham, Minor, Minter, Moore, Moss, Northrup, O'Conner, Olen, Patrono, Perraud, Pescault, Phelps, Read, Robbins, Roberts, Schley, Singleton, Sizer, Sprigg, Stover, Stuart, Summers, Thomason, Tilghman, Trimble, Turney, Venable, Walters, Ward, Weber, Webster, Williams, Willoughby, Willson, Wootton.

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